Watch: 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Trailer

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With the soothing strains of Mark Lanegan's "The Beast In Me" playing, the trailer for "Texas Chainsaw 3D" opens with a young woman in sexy lingerie just casually changing her clothes in the backseat of a van. Well, you gotta hand it to the marketing gurus at Millenium Entertainment -- they sure know who to grab the eyeballs of anyone who couldn't care less about another entry into this franchise.

As for the rest? It's your boilerplate, half-baked sequel, side-quel whatever who cares. Alexandra Daddario is the Jessica Biel of this one, playing Heather who goes to Texas to collect an inheritance from her grandma. But instead of a sleazy lawyer gouging her, it's a chainsaw wielding nutjob. Blood and body parts presumably go flying.

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MinimeJer052047d ago

Looks too much like a ripoff of the reboot and its AWESOME prequel.

kariyanine2045d ago

I really didn't much like the prequel.

darklordzor2046d ago

Bleh. Never got into these movies. Sorry, I just don't like slashers or torture movies. Besides which, this franchise is about done.

kariyanine2045d ago

I enjoyed the reboot and this looks similar in direction so I'm down.

pompombrum2045d ago

That trailer was really good.. if the film can live up to the trailer then this should be really good. A chainsaw is the perfect weapon too for a 3d horror movie, quite easy to get some cheap 3d effects in I imagine. Hope it's as good as the my bloody valentine remake, thought that film was really good for a modern horror.