Transformers 4 To Get New Robot Cast And 2014 Release Date

Bleeding Cool:
Hasbro’s president and CEO Brian Goldner has been addressing the UBS Best of Americas conference, whatever that is, and giving an update on the company’s plans for the next few years of toymongering. I know this because I read about it on the Transformers fansite TFW2005.

So, apparently instrumental to Hasbro’s business plan for the coming years is the next Transformers movie, currently just being called Transformers 4 and represented with this stop-gap image.

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MinimeJer052109d ago

Dear lord. Here we go already...

alycakes2109d ago

I know...don't really have a lot to say on this yet. I don't know why they decided to make a 4th one anyway.

darklordzor2109d ago

The only thing that irks me is that a toy company CEO is making this kind of call, and not from a story standpoint. He's clear it's specifically to sell more toys. Doesn't give me a lot of faith.

Crazay2109d ago

Regardless, they can't make a Transformers movie without Prime or Bee. They'll have to be there. Dinobots on the other hand have yet to be introduced and clearly they're incredibly popular and you need not to look any further than the latest Transformers game Fall of Cybertron to see just how jacked up everyone was about their inclusion.

Regardless of what anyone says about Michael Bays series, I liked it, alot, and admittedly even have some action figures from the series.

-MD-2109d ago

As a fan of the first one, a meh fan of the 2nd and someone who couldn't even force himself to watch the 3rd. I don't want this.

darklordzor2109d ago

Couldn't have put it better. Well said my good man.

vitorizzo2109d ago

reboot instead dont add on to this terrible storyline

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