Best Horror of 2012 So Far

Best Horror Movies says "I figure it’s not too late for me to jump into the fray and at least present my own list of the Top 10 of 2012 so far. There are limits of course…

For one thing, I haven’t seen EVERYTHING I wanted to (like, say, The Loved Ones, the Mother’s Day remake, Lovely Molly, or The Possession) so, if you don’t see something you liked, there’s a chance it’s just that I haven’t seen it. "

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Best-Horror-Movies2045d ago

I thought The Possession was pretty good, still cant wait to see if Sinister is any good.

pompombrum2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Cabin in the Woods is my favorite so far.. the last thirty minutes and ending were brilliant. Sinister trailer looks incredible though, I can wait to see how it is. Also nice to see Troma get a mention, love their films.

Tzuno2044d ago

Dude only Prometeus worth a watch the rest are a lost time.

kariyanine2044d ago

Can't say I agree with much of this list. I did really like The Cabin in the Woods and Prometheus, and I do want to see [REC]3 but the rest... meh... Personally I found The Devil Inside to be utterly atrocious and would place it on my worst films of 2012 so far list.