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The epic Cloud Atlas is unconventional, defying what we're used to seeing in a studio film. It's complex, weaving varied stories from multiple eras together and linking them with theme and intent. And it's ballsy; this film should get credit right off the bat for at least trying something new. Cloud Atlas is not very successful though as it reaches high and falls just a bit short.

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edwest2049d ago

"defying what we're used to seeing in a studio film"

Cloud Atlas is an independent film. Distributed, but not in any way made, by Warner Bros. It was financed entirely by third party financiers outside of Hollywood.

Perhaps he should do some research next time?

wishingW3L2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

it's IGN what can you expect? These guys know less than their readers. lol

pompombrum2048d ago

Checking who financed the movie is hardly something most reviewers do, that's for movie buffs only. Plus the writer can still make statements like "defying what we're used to seeing in a studio film" without actually implying it's a studio film.

edwest2048d ago

Most reviewers having a basic understanding of the context of the film they're reviewing is not simply a pre-requisite, it's crucial. WishingW3L hit it on the head in regard to IGN.