Five Good Directors Who Ruined Their Own Careers With Bad Movies

Geek Binge: There’s probably hundreds of terrible movie directors out there. Hundreds of people who had little to know talent in directing, and delivered sub par to horrible films. Hundreds of people who got their shots in Hollywood, but failed simply because they weren’t good enough. In this industry, it happens all the time, and it’s nothing to cry over. They weren’t good at it, and their career suffered accordingly. But what about when good directors run their career into the ground? Most of the time, this is upsetting. And it’s not because they’re suffering financially; more often than not, a director who ruined their career did it strictly for financial reasons. They’re living well…but their reputation is certainly tarnished. Here’s six of those directors who ruined their own careers with some very, very bad decisions.

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MinimeJer052113d ago

Excellent list. George Lucas still pisses me off by never leaving his Star Wars world. I actually liked Richard Kelly's Darko follow-ups. Southland Tales was him swinging for the fences and The Box was a creepy 70s styled horror flick with interesting twists.

I hope Kelly gets back into the filming world soon.

thorstein2113d ago

I agree about Lucas, but the last two directors (The Wachowski Siblings) might have a hit with Cloud Atlas. It appears intriguing and wonderful. It seems to have wowed at Toronto.

MinimeJer052113d ago

I'm going to remain skeptical until I see it.

pompombrum2113d ago

Can't really disagree with any of the mentions however for facts sake, The Matrix wasn't the Wachowski's film debut, Bound was. From what I remember hearing, they wanted to make The Matrix first but film studios thought it was too ambitious so they were made to prove themselves.