Joss Whedon on Negative 'The Avengers' Reviews

Den Of Geeks:
Samuel L Jackson wasn't best pleased with at least one critic's negative review of The Avengers. Here's what Joss Whedon thought...

For the third time this year, Joss Whedon is preparing to unleash a film into the world. Both Cabin In The Woods and The Avengers have been hits of varying sizes, and he's shortly to premiere his black and white adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

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darklordzor2057d ago

He's absolutely right, there's no way you can please everyone. No film can do that. As long as you make something you can be proud of and enough people enjoy, you've got to try and shut SOME of that negativity out.

alycakes2057d ago

I totally agree. I knew that there would be those people that would trash it but like Joss, it would not have bothered me. He was proud of what he had accomplished whether anyone liked it or not.