25 Worst Miscasts in Comic Book Movie History


In the first true comic book film, "Superman," Christopher Reeve was the perfect casting choice, to the point where he'll forever be associated with The Man of Steel. Since then, we’ve gotten Christian Bale, who IS Batman like no other actor was before, High Jackman as Wolverine, and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. But many choices have not been so successful. Here's the 25 absolute worst misses we've gotten so far.

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darklordzor2086d ago

Batman isn't an easy role to cast. You've got to find an actor that can be both a good Bruce Wayne and Batman. I thought Val Kilmer was a decent Batman, but a terrible Bruce Wayne, and George Clooney was the opposite.

aDDicteD2086d ago

well.. i didn't expect Tobey Maguire to be no. 1, spiderman 3 sucks but still he did great on 1 and 2. what i would like to be no.1 is topher grace as venom.

there's a lot more comic book movie miscasts that wasn't mentioned like juggernaut from x3, ryan reynolds, etc.

darklordzor2086d ago

Yeah, I still love the first two Spider-Man movies and thought Tobey was a very good choice for those two. That's what upsets me most about Spider-Man 3. Even though the other two films were great, and helped usher in the new era of awesome comic book movies, none of them get any love anymore because of the third one.