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12 Fall Movies That Will Make or Break 2012

Geek Binge: If you’ve been paying attention to anything we’ve been doing over the past couple days you would know that we were pretty damn displeased with Summer 2012 in movies. Honestly, the season was so lackluster that it threatened to bring down the cinematic year of 2012 entirely (a year in which, at first, I thought would be amazing). But despite the fact that the Summer disappointed me, I have some pretty high hopes for this year’s crop of fall movies. There’s a great selection of films to choose from over the next three months, and here’s the twelve we think will decide whether or not 2012 is a year of film for the ages, or just another disappointing misstep. Here’s our picks for the 12 Fall Movies that will make or break 2012.

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aDDicteD2112d ago

seven psychopaths is intriguing, i have watched in brudges lately and it was a great movie with a lot of set pieces for the gripping finale, i think this movie is bombarded with star power compared to that and could be a breakthrough. other movies to watch out for is skyfall and cloud atlas. why was django included it would not be a fall release but a winter release if that is so they should have included les miserables as well.