Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer Gives More Gun-Toting Renner


In the course of a little more than 12 months, Jeremy Renner will have starred in no fewer than four films intended to kick off a franchise. It started with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, which could have been the beginning of a Renner-led franchise renewal, but wound up cementing Tom Cruise's star power. Much more likely to go the franchise route are The Avengers (with The Avengers 2 promising hopefully more of Renner as Hawkeye) and The Bourne Legacy, which made Renner's grim mug a set of bookends to the summer movie season.

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alycakes2084d ago

This will be good...just my type of movie.

barb_wire2084d ago

Why am I getting a 'Van Helsing' vibe from that?