Iron Man 3 Exclusive: Mark XLVII Armor

Latino Review:

Tony Stark is a tech geek engineer at heart, tirelessly labeling his creations and poking at weak spots to find improvements. In the films, Robert Downey Jr. always seems to have a secret new toy up his sleeve, right up to ‘Iron Man 3’s’ Extremis-enhanced abilities to control his armor. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there’s more to ‘Iron Man 3′s’ tech than we expected.

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darklordzor2268d ago

I hope it's good, because I still don't like the look of the new suit.

DarkBlood2268d ago

eh im sure it will be fine i mean at this point i think we can assure that it wont fail in the success department

speaking of that i wonder if this will be used in avengers 2

darklordzor2268d ago

I'm sure they'll have a new suit for him. Seems they have to change it every movie. I'm sure the film will be successful, I just want a good reason for the change in the look of the armor.

DarkBlood2268d ago

i dont know much about iron man in that regard but maybe the gold sections are reinforced *whatever its called* weaponary or defense possibly?

alycakes2268d ago

I'm just excited about the whole thing...I'm a big Iron Man fan. I've loved it since the start. I know it's not everyone's favorite but it is one of mine and it will continue to be. I think RDJ has done great playing that role and I think the 3rd movie will probably be the best of them the trio.

BelieveinGhosts2268d ago

RDJ is a perfect fit that he exhumes Stark

Lord_Sloth2267d ago

Indeed. They need to invert most of the Red and Gold. Particularly on the torso.

aDDicteD2267d ago

so he'll be able to control multiple iron man suits with this and will look similar? it'll be great if the one's he'll control were the older versions that he used.

TheDailySuperHero2267d ago

Stark being able to control multiple suits is more a part of the Extremis theory they are using pieces of from the comics that allows Stark a more "mental connection and control" over his suit(s).

Love it!

(And the majority gold suit is fine ... heck his suit in the comics doesn't even have red in it and it's black and gold. The suit will ALWAYS be ever-changing since it's a product of technology.)