Stan Lee Reveals His Least Favorite Marvel Movies


Want to know what Stan Lee's least favorite Marvel movies are? In a recent interview at the 2012 Fan Expo in Canada, the comic book legend talked about his characters being adapted for the big screen. He loved The Avengers, but didn't seem to really care for some of the other films that were made before Marvel started making their own movies.

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Crazay2178d ago

I'm not the worlds largest supporter of Ang Lee's movie but it didn't make my skin crawl. Furthermore, I don't remember very much and it's been years so maybe I should revisit. I will say that I had 0 problems with the more recent Hulk movie. I really liked it.

StarWarsFan2178d ago

I don't understand why they have such trouble with making Daredevil solid on-screen. He's an awesome character. They are hiring the wrong people.

BiggCMan2177d ago

Personally, I think the Daredevil movie was fantastic. Here's the thing though, nobody ever said the Marvel movies NEED to follow the comics, they are only loosely based off of them. So I think, if people can understand that the movies are set in their own world with their own stories and aren't true to the comics, then the fans would enjoy Marvel movies more often. It's like watching a movie based off a video game, it might be so far off track from the video game, but can still be good in a different way.

360ICE2177d ago

I think there are many good comic books movies that don't really follow the comics too closely. Daredevil just sucks regardless.

So, yeah, might as well follow the comic books that doesn't... you know... suck.

Dark_Overlord2177d ago

'Hulk' with Eric Bana was absolutely horrendous, watched it once and never would ever again, what a borefest.

Anon19742177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I liked everyone involved, I liked Eric Bana and come on. Sam Elliot. But what was it? 45 minutes in before we even saw the Hulk? And the fight with the giant mushroom at the end? Ugh.

hkgamer2177d ago

So they got stan lee to just say how crap all non-marvel movies are.

level 3602177d ago

Totally agree with Stan's comments about the Daredevil.

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