What Fox's Daredevil Got Right


There has been something exciting to happen in the latest news from the comic book world: Daredevil, a property formerly owned by 20th Century Fox has reverted back to Marvel ownership, meaning Marvel Studios is now free to use him in any movie they see fit. As any fan, this is great to hear, because it is frustrating knowing that there are Marvel characters out there that the company owns, but doesn’t have movie rights for.

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Crazay2372d ago

I actually thought that Ben Affleck was a good casting choice for the role of Matt Murdock. Colin Farrell was also awesome.

andron2371d ago

I liked that movie, but later comic movies raised the bar. But I have always had a soft spot for the blind devil so...

chrisarsenalsavart2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Not the worst movie i ve seen but the fact is that fox should have never give such an important franchise to such an unknown director.
The lack of directing experience gave that flick a B movie feeling to it.

Father Murder X2370d ago

very underrated film. I don't read the comics but I really enjoyed the movie.