Winona Ryder In Talks For 'Homefront'

THR Heat Vision:
Winona Ryder is in negotiations to join Jason Statham and James Franco in Homefront, Millennium’s action movie scripted by Sylvester Stallone.

Kid actor Izabela Vidovic is also boarding the production, which is expected to get underway Sept. 24 in New Orleans with Gary Fleder directing.

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OneAboveAll1922d ago

This isn't based off the game is it?

Kran1920d ago

Shame really. Then again it'd get banned in Korea for sure. lol

Lord_Sloth1920d ago

I used to have a HUUUGE crush on her when I was a kid.

Now as an adult, I still have a HUUUUGE crush on her.

Goodfella781920d ago

I wouldnt dare employ her fearing she would steal shit off the set.,jk,.no but seriously would she???.....

alycakes1920d ago

I think she'd be okay now.