Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Plot Revealed?


Summing up the movie's main concept, character and conflict, a fairly plausible logline for Marvel Studios' upcoming intergalactic superhero team-up, Guardians of the Galaxy has emerged!

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Crazay2230d ago

Sounds like a pretty plausible and accurate description to me.

OneAboveAll2229d ago

Considering this movie takes place in the current MCU I highly doubt Vance Astro (AKA- Major Victory) will be in the movie. The guy carries Captain Americas shield. How can he do that when Captain America is alive currently in the MCU?

It would be retarded. Why not have Nova or Quasar?

hazelamy2229d ago

i don't know why, but i just can't wait to see Rocket Raccoon in the movie. ^_^

CanadianTurtle2228d ago

As long as I get rocket racoon, I'm all good.