Death and Toy Story

In this episode of Renegade Cut, Leon Thomas ponders the existential themes in the Toy Story trilogy and makes the case that the main characters should have died.

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arjman1660d ago

That part in Toy Story 3 was the only time I cried during a movie and that's saying something!

Unztayble1660d ago

this idiot is over analyzing this shit.

iamnsuperman1660d ago

I agree. This guy has total missed the main themes of the Toy story trilogy.

I enjoyed the last film. I was four when the first came out, 8 when the second came out and 19 when the last came out. It is one of those franchises that is small in number but some how I felt sad it ended because of growing up watching these films.

Thatguy-3101659d ago

agree im 19 now and grew up with these movies. They were MY toys and when they were about to die i was weeping lol it was an amazing experience.

SilentNegotiator1660d ago

It's a kids movie. About toys.

I really don't think arguing that the 3rd movie should have ended in death is worth the oxygen.

Drcherd1660d ago

it was a very interesting analysis but ill ignore some of his opinions.

smashcrashbash1660d ago

Oh right I am sure Disney would let Woody and friends burn up in a fiery inferno. The kids and parents would have loved that.

MinimeJer051659d ago

Very interesting video, but death just wouldn't fit the overall trilogy.