Check Out the New Trailer for CW's Arrow

TV Guide:

This fall, Arrow will follow the exploits of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), a wealthy playboy who survives a boating accident that leaves him stranded on a deserted island for five years where he hones his archery skills to survive, birthing his alter ego, Arrow.

Check out an exclusive first look at the new trailer for Arrow, which premieres Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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Knight_Crawler1983d ago

I impressed and glad that a new hero not from Marvel or DC is making a splash.

majiebeast1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Oliver queen is green arrow from dc comics since 1941.

Soldierone1983d ago

This show is looking extremely awesome. I just hope the "drama" part of it all doesn't kill it for me.

calis1983d ago

Stupid question...the bald guy wasn't meant to be Luther was it?

alycakes1980d ago

I can't wait. I will be watching this in hopes that it doesn't disappoint. I will especially be more excited now that I know John Barrowman is also going to be in it...that should had a lot to some of the episodes.