Dan Aykroyd: I'm Sad Bill Murray Won't Be In Ghostbusters 3


Dan Aykroyd talks to Metro about his sadness at Bill Murray's absence from Ghostbusters 3, buying his own island and his new show on Jazz FM.

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Crazay2180d ago

That is some SERIOUSLY weak sauce Bill. I'd like to know what his reasoning is - Did he just hate the experience of Ghostbuster 2 so much that he no longer wants to do? Does he think he's above the comedic roles now? It just sucks that Peter Venkman won't be in the next movie because his sarcasm was awesome.

TheCritic282179d ago

Or it could be because Ghostbusters III had a sucky screenplay. That's a better guess, in my opinion.

Crazay2179d ago

Or he's just being difficult for the sake of being difficult.

CPO2179d ago

'Tis a sad day in sequel-ville! :-(....

Soldierone2179d ago

I'd really like to know the story, but being Hollywood it will just be a he blames him while he blame them bla bla bla

Personally I could see it being a terrible screenplay and Murray simply not wanting to do a Ghostbuster 2 again. I mean look at how weak A LOT of movies have been as of late, especially reboots and milked franchises.

adorie2178d ago

I have a gut feeling that you could be right.

chukamachine2178d ago

Murray's an idiot.

He should be in it, was a main character in both movies.

Veni Vidi Vici2178d ago

For all the people hating on Murray, you don't know the whole story so don't be so quick to judge. The screenplay/story probably sucks. Knowing how most sequels go, the story probably does suck. GB2 wasn't even that great.

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