Five Actresses Who Could Play Mary Jane In The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel


We don't actually know whether or not MJ will be introduced in the sequel to this year's The Amazing Spider-Man, but it would certainly make Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy's lives an awful lot more interesting if she were! Hit the jump for five actresses who Sony should consider choosing...

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Crazay1962d ago

I think I'd much rather they steered away from MJ for the next movie. I mean I live a killer hot red-head as much as the next guy but lets allow Gwen have her well deserved time in the spotlight as the leading lady.

Thatguy-3101960d ago

How about Emma Stone but just as a red head. I mean I never expected her to play Gwen since I thought she was a red head but WOW was she SEXY as Gwen

KMCROC541960d ago

Well seeing how Gwen was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #31 & killed in # 121 i can see her been killed in movie two towards the end.
Giving that story arc plenty of time to develop per say.

Crazay1961d ago

I would like to see them end off a trilogy with her being killed though...admittedly. ..

Sorry Emma - don't break up with me.

Deadpool6161961d ago

Peter's going to be avoiding Mary Jane as much as possible considering Aunt May is trying to set them up.

"She has a wonderful personality." - Aunt May

"Wonderful personality? I know what that means *shudders*" - Peter Parker

Crazay1961d ago

Does she say that in the movie? I must have missed that.

Deadpool6161960d ago

Nah, just something that happened in the comic. I was thinking that might happen in the next movie. It doesn't need to though. I always liked Gwen better than MJ anyway.

coolasj1961d ago

Or, we could just keep Emma Stone playing Gwen Stacy for the whole trilogy. It's not like she HAS to die.

Crazay1961d ago

I think she does have to die in the 3rd movie at least. It was a huge moment in Peter's life and it had lasting effects on him.

KMCROC541961d ago

I vote for Jennifer Lawrence the chick from the Hunger Games.

Crazay1961d ago

Good call. I could live with that.

calis1961d ago

Dunst really put me of MJ. What a pain in the ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.