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'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1' Trailer

MTV says

The trailer for the all-new DC Universe animated original movie "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1" has arrived and we've got it for you NOW!

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Crazay2243d ago

Looks to me like another huge win for the DC animated movies.

aDDicteD2242d ago

cant wait to watch this one. this might be as good as mask of the phantasm and under the red hood

TheCritic282241d ago

Peter Weller as Batman...The Dark Knight Returns, you had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

Crazay2241d ago

You like Peter Weller? I think he's a bit of a pompous arrogant ass but this movie does look pretty amazing. I just love what they do with their animated features. Have yet to see one I didn't like.

TheCritic282241d ago

I like his voice acting, sure.

Crazay2241d ago

I can;t honestly recall hearing him do any voice acting roles though I'm fairly certain I must have somewhere.

TheCritic282241d ago

I don't think he has, but I meant his voice sounds cool in this (and in most things).

Crazay2241d ago

ok after watching that a few times, i'm with ya. he fits the role.