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Olympics 2012: Who's The Best Archer In Movie History?

MovieFone: Let the games begin! With the best athletes in the world competing for the Gold this week in London, it's time to turn our attention to something that hasn't even been invented yet: Movie Olympics! Here, Moviefone puts together some of your favorite characters going head-to-head in Olympic events.

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alycakes2206d ago

I think Legolas would be my first choice followed by Hawkeye and then Katniss.

Kran2206d ago

Tough question. I mean the girl from Hunger Games was pretty good. Hawkeye.... maybe.

MySwordIsHeavenly2205d ago

Hawkeye is good, but he has advanced weaponry.

Legolas hits targets who are further away WITHOUT the advanced weaponry. He was just born an elf.

aDDicteD2204d ago

Legolas would owned any of those in the list any given day.

why is robinhood not mentioned in the list, he's more skilled than rambo, katniss and william.