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So, I Got Kind of Drunk and Saw that Katy Perry Movie in 3D

It’s really not that hard to get drunk in a movie theater. So when my roommate said to me, “Hey, let’s get drunk and see that Katy Perry movie in 3D,” I figured why not?

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JoshEngen1970d ago

Some of the best parts of Katy Perry are already in 3D.

Riggans421970d ago

Kitty Purry is terrifying... but her kitty isn't...

Grap1969d ago

Haha purry much like butty

Defectiv3_Detectiv31969d ago

So it was only AFTER the author bought a ticket to Katy Perry that they got drunk? That's kind of an important distinction. Story has been reported. Man card status: Not intact.

KrimsonKody1969d ago

Did he "like-'ed it"?

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