European Exhibitors Increase Security After 'Dark Knight Rises' Shootings in U.S.


U.K. movie theater group Cineworld and Germany's CinemaxX shore up security measures as the film begins its international rollout.

LONDON – European exhibitors are drawing up plans to ramp up security and boost visibility of security personnel at theaters ahead of Warner Bros.' international rollout of The Dark Knight Rises following the shooting at a screening of the film in Denver, Colorado early Friday morning.

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Crazay2191d ago

Airport style scans - Coming soon to a theater near you...My god I hope it doesn't ever get to that.

DarkBlood2191d ago

i find it extremly odd maybe because of the whole 2012 thing that im noticing alone of trouble and death counts happening

this is seriously going out of hand

CPO2190d ago

We feel for the victims of the shooting of course, but also for Christopher Nolan, Warner Bros. and everyone involved in the movie because now it will be forever tainted with this stupid act.