CBS Films Targets ‘Deus Ex’ Video Game For Feature

Deadline: CBS Films has optioned screen rights to Deus Ex, the popular video game franchise from Square Enix.

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TheCritic282171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

This game's pretty great and, under the right director, it could make an interesting little sci-fi noir.

extermin8or2171d ago

I'm playing it atm it's a great game and actually surprisingly it's story would fit in a film quite well I think?

wishingW3L2170d ago

I bought it the other day and while it looks really interesting I just got bored of it really fast.

Soldierone2169d ago

I only got to play a little bit of it, but what I did play it felt very similar to films already out there. The reason I say that is because people supposedly stay away from MGS because "its too similar to movies already made."

My reply? Hollywood copy and pastes so many movies, so WHO CARES lol

MySwordIsHeavenly2169d ago

It's going to be free in two weeks for PS Plus members. Just letting everyone know. ;)

I bought it when it came out, but never got to finish it. This will be my chance!