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American TV or British TV: Which Is Better?

Charlie writes:

"There’s a battle going on in the media industry, and you might not know it exists. Aside from the pointless ad breaks that their channels seem to have every three minutes, America creates some top content. On the opposite side of the spectrum, aside from the cheap budget of pretty much all the television shows that are not reality, even Britain can produce it’s fair share of producing brilliance. But alas, which English speaking territory creates the better programs?"

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Blink_442201d ago

They didn't really list a lot of good examples for American tv, I really don't know much about British tv but I couldn't imagine they have anything better than breaking bad.

Smokeeye1232200d ago

They never mentioned Drama,sci-fi, etc. Otherwise I'm sure they'd mention Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, etc.

Lord_Sloth2200d ago

Game of Thrones. Nuff said!

Psychonaughty2200d ago

Which is filmed in the UK with mostly British actors, so not the best example tbh!

Lord_Sloth2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

American made.

Ganzi2200d ago

So i guess drama is a niche genre now or something, cus it wasn't listed in the article.

Also, how could they not name Louie? It is the freaking gold standard of contemporary tv comedy. That along with Breaking Bad and of course Game of Thrones pretty much crap on most british tv. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Sherlock and I really dig Luther, but Britain's got nothing on good American tv.

CyrusRiffs2200d ago

I'm English. Our TV is pure pap. We don't have the budgets the yanks do. Like most people around the globe, I greatly dislike America. But their good TV is better, pretty much purely because of production values. On the flip side their bad TV shows are worse than our bad TV shows.

Psychonaughty2200d ago

Almost as many people dislike the English. I'm not one of them as I'm not a hater but it's still a valid point.

Raf1k12200d ago

Plenty of people around the world dislike the Brits but TBH I don't think any other country comes close to how much hate the US gets. It's pretty much the big bad bully of the world.

gaffyh2200d ago

He speaks the truth, British TV is complete shit. There is very rarely a decent program, and I can only name stuff like Top Gear and Dragon's Den that are actually good TV shows. Everything else, even the production values on Doctor Who are terrible compared to equivalent shows in America.

Kran2200d ago

Yeah. I shoulda mentioned Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

My bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.