New 'Van Helsing' Film a Total Reboot

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Last month, Universal revealed its intentions to move forward with another Van Helsing film. This time, Tom Cruise is going to star and produce alongside producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Kurtzman spoke to CraveOnline about the project and had this to say:

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Crazay2216d ago

I haven't seen Van Helsing in forever - I'll have to try and go back to it and see if it's really as big a pile of crap as people say it is because I honestly don't remember much about it except for Kate Beckinsale.

Ben_Giff2216d ago


Let's reboot "Troll" while we're at it.

Crazay2216d ago

i think that if they make it smarter and darker in the way they can do things, this could be a really good thing for the character and franchise. I'm all for it.