New Posters For 'Taken 2,' 'The Words' & 'Paddington'

The Playlist;
Fresh off the shadow-clad, seated brooding he was doing in the UK quad “Taken 2” poster, Liam Neeson is back again in the same sort of mood, along with posters for the Sundance flick “The Words,” and a children's book adaptation from the director of “The Mighty Boosh.”

As promised, here's Liam Neeson pondering the thrill of killing, only this time standing up. The French poster puts him front and center, but from the first trailer released last week, we know Neeson will have some sort of conflict, and is in fact not pursuing that stand-up career he was pondering. Istanbul is the place this time, as Neeson and his wife (Famke Janssen) are revenge-napped by the father of some lackey killed in the first film, and it appears the Irishman won't be too thrilled about that either when the Olivier Megaton-directed film opens on October 5th.

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