Fantastic Four Opinion: Dr. Doom is THE Reason Marvel Should Buy This Property Back From Fox Marvel Studios is part of the biggest entertainment company on the planet and Disney needs to shell out some major cash to regain a Marvel property which is currently licensed out to Fox.

It's the Fantastic Four.

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StarWarsFan2128d ago

Yeah, Marvel should buy back this franchise. It just wasn't as good as what Sony did with Spider-Man for example.

Soldierone2128d ago

I'm fine with them getting stuff back from FOX. Fox barely had a hit on their hands with the last X-Men, but even the director was saying it could have been better if FOX didn't step in the way.

Along with that FOX is really greedy with all their rights, unlike Sony.

I want Spider-Man to stick with Sony for now, since he is getting a story and not all senseless action with a choppy story to fit into Avengers. The reason people want him in Avengers is because Sony does a good job with the movies.

Fox on the other hand....I want to see what Marvel could do. Fantastic Four COULD be so awesome.