Marc Webb, 'Amazing Spider-Man' Director, On The Specter Of Sam Raimi

Huffington Post:

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is director Marc Webb's second movie. This is not is not a statement on Webb -- whose first film was the almost universally loved "(500) Days of Summer" -- or "The Amazing Spider-Man," but more of an example of how quickly things can escalate in Hollywood. Though, Webb's ascent to franchise director didn't come without some problems -- well, three to be exact: the number of other Spider-Man movies released since 2002.

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alycakes2187d ago

I don't think he has to worry about it being compared but then people can be hard on directors especially lately since there have been so many superhero movies made recently.

Yi-Long2187d ago

... there are some who expect a Spider-Man movie to really have that light-hearted colorful comicbook-vibe that the Spider-Man comics had for so long...

There are others who want to see the it all a bit darker, 'broodier', etc etc.

Personally I felt the first (Toby) Spider-Man movie accomplished the feel of the comic-books very well, except for the horrible emo part from Mary Jane Watson.

Spider-Man 2 was OK as well but a bit long, and I don't really know what Spider-Man 3 was doing...

TBH though I feel one of the big problems with a movie like this is that they've been casting adulots as teens. And that might even work slightly for the very first movie, but when you're doing the 3rd movie, the actors will be in their 30's, at which point it will just look ridiculous.

I honestly feel they should just do the whole thing in gorgeous cartoony or realistic CGI, and stay as true as possible to the best source-material as you can. Budget-wise, casting-wise, possibility-wise, it would be the smartest way to go.

Downtown boogey2186d ago

I don't know what you're talking about...
Spider-Man 2 was great!

SHA2187d ago

Can't. Wait. And Webb is just playing it on the cautious side right now but when he sees how big of a hit this movie will be...he'll direct another.

tunaks12186d ago

"Does it help that "Spider-Man 3" is almost universally despised"

Thats the internet buddy, not everyone.

StarWarsFan2186d ago

I hope they bring in Venom and Carnage into the franchise eventually and give them a proper amount of time in a story on their own without other villains added. Venom was sort of just included near the end in Spider-Man 3 as if they just had to do it, but I don't think he meshed well with the Sandman and so on. Venom's eixstence should have just been hinted at at the end for a hopeful Spider-Man 4 back then.

Soldierone2186d ago

He was in Spider-Man 3 because they HAD to do it lol. Rami and everyone only wanted it to be about Sandman, but Sony wanted Venom and so on to be in it too. Which ruined it.

Rami probably could have done a good job with Venom given time and not having to be forced to use Tropher Grace ....

harmansandy2186d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Sam Raimi raises the bar of excellence with Spider-Man 2, a highly evolved sequel that brims with superb comedy, heartfelt characters, and dazzling visuals that nail the wall-crawler's universe in a fully respectable and exciting way.this movie won Best Picture 2004 , and won Best Popular Movie 2004. About HERO, I watched the whole animated spiderman series and tobey's acting was able to capture his style. Anyways if you are not happy go back to the comics fag. This is for people who actually appreciate tobey's work.