Hear Us Out: 5 Pixar Movies We Just Can't Love


Listen, we all love Pixar movies. Everybody loves at least one Pixar movie, and most people love most Pixar movies-- the studio's stellar record of critical acclaim and box office success proves that much. But every time a new Pixar film is release to stellar reviews, there are a few people standing in a corner, wondering what all the big fuss is about. It's no fun to be the lone hater, so we usually keep our mouths shut, letting the studio soak up all the praise and asking ourselves if there's something wrong with us, or if everyone else is crazy.

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Crazay2185d ago

Wow...A few of the additions in this article surprised me. I can totally agree with Ratatouille and Finding Nemo.

gaffyh2184d ago

I can't agree with Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. Those are great films, and most importantly enjoyable.

Cars 1 is by far the worst Pixar movie so far, followed by Up which was a complete borefest imo. I mean, Cars 2 is better than the first one, and even that is kinda crappy.

Also, I can't believe that Toy Story 3 is on the list, but not Toy Story 2, which is a terrible film. The characters in that are completely unlikable.

Soldierone2184d ago

Toy Story 3 is the only one I wasn't a big fan of. It basically just lived off the nostalgia of the past two films and didn't really do much beyond that. plus it came out the same year as How To Train Your Dragon and Tangled, both better films.

Yi-Long2184d ago

... are still extremely entertaining and just a joy to watch.

Some will think Up is a borefest (I don't), or that Cars is the worst Pixar movie (I loved it), or that Monsters Inc hasn't really aged well (it hasn't, but that's always going to a be a problem for those first generations of CGI movies...)

In the end though, they've all been worth watching. Some have captured our heart, and some were 'just' entertaining, and even if they weren't entertaining for whatever reason, there would always be something amazing going on that would make you go 'wow'...

Like everyone, I have my favourites, and I have some I merely 'enjoyed' but don't have a strong desire to revisit. I think that's just normal and not really an indication about the quality of these movies, but more about personal taste, consideringe veryone seems to be mentioning different movies that were special to them.

I'm really looking forward to Brave. :)

SHA2185d ago

Wow. Can't agree with all these choices but it certainly stirs the pot ...

Rabidgummibear2185d ago

I agree with Finding Nemo for sure. I loved Ratatouille but I come from a family who loves to cook so I think the stuff with that is what led me to overlook any faults.
Up is one of my favorites as well.

Crazay2185d ago

Admittedly I havent seen Up all the way through but what i did see I really liked so I can't see how it's on there and NOT Cars or Wall-e. I hated both of those.

Yi-Long2184d ago

... I loved the way it looked, I loved the characters, I loved the simple straightforward personal story, and I loved the humor.

And I'm not even a 'car person'.

I felt Wall-E was a very good movie, but I didn't feel it was an ENTERTAINING movie. It certainly managed to make me care about the character Wall-E and the ending did affect me emotionally, so it was just very well made in all areas and it had 'heart'.

That said, that same year Kung Fu Panda came out, and I thought that movie was ALOT more entertaining. It wasn't as technically brilliant. It didn't have any emotional impact. It wasn't extremely 'original' or 'daring'.

It was FUN. A whole lot of FUN. And to me, that's also very important. :)

A good comparison would be Disney's Bambi vs Emperor's New Groove. Bambi has the 'heart', but Emperor's New Groove is just entertaining throughout and can be enjoyed many times without really getting boring or stale or whatever, because it's got lots of comedy and great pacing.

Soldierone2184d ago

I will admit that while I'm a Pixar fan. I've watched UP about 15 times (no joke) and have yet to make it all the way through.....

aDDicteD2184d ago

well cars and wall-e were not there and along with the other pixar films because those movies were easy to criticize while Up,toy story 3, monster inc., finding nemo and ratatouille were instant classics and the article purposely targeted those best pixar films like it was said in the article

Soldierone2184d ago

Monsters Inc is one of my favorite movies ever. So I can't agree there. I can agree with a majority of the others as I don't "LOVE" them, but they are all good. The thing about Pixar is that when I see the name, I know its quality.

Unless of course Cars is the title.....which I don't understand why that didn't make the list....I'd glady take out Monsters Inc or Finding Nemo for Cars/Cars 2....its their lowest rated film.....

Crazay2184d ago

Cars is the 2nd worst movie they ever made. Wall-e is #1.

StarWarsFan2184d ago

I'd put Wall-E on the list.

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