James Cameron Will Film Three “Avatar” Sequels At the Same Time

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Sigourney Weaver confirmed tonight that James Cameron is shooting “Avatar” 2, 3, and 4 all at the same time, all with her, and starting this fall. But first…

Are you ready for the Clintons as a political soap opera? Sigourney Weaver is playing it pretty close to Hillary and Ciaran Hinds is a damn good Bill Clinton in USA Network’s “Political Animals.” The studio threw a fine all star premiere in New York last night at the Morgan Library, showing off Greg Berlanti’s new dramedy. Frankly, like most of the USA Networks shows, this could play on NBC in prime time. A real movie star, Sigourney Weaver, plays Elaine Barrish, ex First Lady of a philandering Democratic president who becomes Secretary of State.

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Crazay2128d ago

if he's really doing 3 sequels at once, then I'm all for the wait we've endured so far. I'm just hoping that he doesn't release Avatar 2, then make us all wait 2 years before the 3rd and so on and so forth - I'd like to see Avatar 2 hit and then 6-8 months later the next one.

DarkBlood2128d ago

well what about the blu-ray release? 6 to 8 months is too short gotta get the sales first lol :P

Crazay2128d ago

What better way to ensure you sell more DVD/Bluray than to have it launch within weeks of the release of a new movie?

-Superman-2128d ago

I wish he could save Terminator :S
Making 3 movies at same time cost so much less.

Avatar - 500 million
Avatar 2,3 and 3 could be done about 600 million and its much eaiser. They just film more footages and make it longer.
Look at Lord of The Rings.

360ICE2128d ago

"I'm just hoping that he doesn't release Avatar 2"

Why did you have to say anything else?

Crazay2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

because I really liked the movie. I thought it was alot of fun to watch and I'm looking forward to the new ones. How is that wrong?

spicelicka2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

there's no way that's gonna happen. These movies cost hundreds of millions of dollars, there will be no rush to release them so close to each other.

First of all, filming at the same time doesn't mean they'll be completely produced together, editing takes the most work specially with CGI in movies like this. Pirates of the Carribean sequels were filmed together i think, but the editing and everything still took 2 years to release the sequels.

Plus they don't want the hype to die down by releasing so fast.

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SHA2128d ago

Dear James Cameron ... please don't do this.

SHA2128d ago

He needs to go back and save the Terminator franchise instead of continuing this universe. Wouldn't you rather have this happen instead? Yes...yes you would. HA.

Blacktric2128d ago


Pff... Because having one crappy sci-fi movie that has no story and substance was enough. Three more sequels will only make it worse.

vickers5002128d ago


Don't worry
*puts on sunglasses*

he'll be back.

darklordzor2128d ago

Yeah why? Sounds like a great idea to keep the continuity going and make for an epic series of films.

Crazay2128d ago

Actually, I would love to see him jump back into Terminator but I'd rather see him do these movies first. I haven;t had the level of disdain that some have for the Terminator series. I liked Salvation and thought the way Terminator 3 ended was awesome in an eerie sort of way.

BlackTar1872128d ago

seriously avatar was such overrated tripe. Movie was decent but it was so unorginal except they were blue that it blew my mind.

I know people love it but really its the same story told 10x with blue people and good S/FX

HICK2128d ago Show
BlackTar1872128d ago Show
Axecution2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

BlackTar, you have a very good argument. You've made really good comparisons to other movies with the exact same plot as avatar. All those movies that you just listed have the exact same plot as Avatar and really made me look at the movie in a whole new way.

I don't at all think that you're just a hipster that's hating on Avatar to be cool.

Anyway i gotta go. I'm gonna go watch Jason Statham hang from a helicopter.

GuyManDude2128d ago

No I share BlackTar's stance. Avatar is the best movie I've ever seen, but it's one of the worst films I've ever seen. In other words, great visuals, but terrible story and cliche characters.

Seriously, the hard-a** military man who will stop at nothing to take out the Navi, the weaselly corporate guy trying to get Unobtainium (seriously...Unobtainium?), the good doctor who's edgy and smokes (Ha! Funny because she's a doctor!), the nerd that knows the Navi culture, and the soldier with a change of heart. If I'd never heard of Avatar I'd swear that was describing a straight-to-DVD movie.

BlackTar1872127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )


Maybe i should google it for you?

So i did
Pocahontas,Dances with Wolves and especially Fern Gully:The Last Rainforest. (almost identical)

nope you're right

lol at calling me a hipster btw. yep i heard only hipster had anything to say about it. That is a very hipsterish comment from you btw.

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AO1JMM2128d ago

Dear James Cameron, Ignore that guys BS!

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mamotte2128d ago

He'll "film" three sequels.

Then will be adding FX for all eternity. Or at least, by seven years. One by one.

-MD-2128d ago

3 more Avatar films back to back? Gross.

Kaneda2128d ago

I thought he killed her in the first movie.. why is she coming back 2,3 and 4... lame..

Lord_Sloth2128d ago

Because in a planet full of magic, we must abide by reality.

Kingdom Come2127d ago

She had her mind transferred into an Avatar's body at the end of the film.

Kaneda2126d ago

The main character is.. not her.. she's dead...

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