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First Low-Res Trailer For Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Part 1


A new Low-Res trailer for Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 has found it's way online! Catch a glimpse of Batman, The Mutant Leader and more after the jump.

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Crazay2126d ago

I've never had the opportunity to read the graphic novel but this looks like yet another big win for the Direct to DVD/BluRay WB animated movies. There's just noone that does it better than these guys.

aDDicteD2126d ago

I'm sooooooooooo looking forward to this one, I'm sure it'll be good, it's always is ^_^

Crazay2126d ago

Like I said - WB knows how to do direct to video animated releases. The great thing about it all is that they don't tend to take the easy way out and keep it G rated. They don't mind pushing the envelope which makes it more fun for adults too.