A New Dark Knight Rises Trailer to Premiere With The Amazing Spider-Man?

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July 3rd looks to be getting even more exciting for comic book fans. Not only is Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man premiering in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D, but it looks like a brand new trailer for the Distinguished Competition's The Dark Knight Rises is landing as well.

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LtSkittles2161d ago

It's not doubtful, because they're competitors, and one of the trailers was released with the Avengers, and one of The Dark Knight Trailers was released with Iron Man. They both have the same target audience.

Crazay2161d ago

***GASP*** attaching a comic book movie trailer to a comic book movie? WHat is this world coming to? =P

This is no doubt exactly where the final real trailer comes from for sure.

extermin8or2159d ago

they don't need another trailer though :s Chris Nolan likes to keep his films wrapped up till release and atm he's on 4/5 traielrs more than enough I think?

StarWarsFan2160d ago

How much more are they really going to show?

darklordzor2160d ago

Actually I have a feeling this is the same one that Nokia debuted on the internet last week. Since it's being shown in theaters they have to classify it. I'm betting that's all it is.

aDDicteD2159d ago

i think so too, but if it is a new one then it's a treat for us

Crazay2159d ago

I think that trailer was the best one and you're probably right. Good call.

extermin8or2159d ago

That would make sense; was a very good trailer though so :D

hilyou2156d ago

Yeah I agree I think it's going to be the same Nokia trailer except with maybe 5-10 seconds of new footage.

LtSkittles2156d ago

Actually someone on Reddit watched it, apparently it's different than that one.

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