The Amazing Spider-Man Reveals Free Screenings

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We've been following the viral campaign for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man ever since it launched earlier this year. Today, the trail seems to have come to an end as ARG players at Unfiction have revealed a new site with special free showtimes for a number of US cities on Monday, July 2nd.

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Crazay2190d ago

So typical - nothing coming to my area. On a lighter note, I got home last night and the new game was in my mailbox. Looks like I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

Soldierone2188d ago

Phoenix was beginning to be listed on things....and as of late they haven' sucks.

harmansandy2187d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

it's a different story, it's not a sequel, it's a reboot. And it starts from where Peter was in high school.This movie takes place during Spidey's highschool years.Peter doesn't meet Harry till college, though they will probably introduce him in the sequel anyway.