The Walking Dead Season 3 To Feature "A Lot More Killing"


Victor Scalise introduces us to the CGI elements of The Walking Dead as well as telling us what to expect from Season 3. Hit the jump to get an insight as to how walkers are made and footage of how they created the CGI prison from the end of the last season.

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Crazay2192d ago

Anyone else feel like the hype for this season is reaching a feverish pitch much sooner than it did last season? Maybe they finally feel that they have their full direction and feel more confident with what they're doing?

Lord_Sloth2190d ago

I dunno. I haven't been keeping up really. Game of Thrones has consumed my entire f****** world.

Gamefan122190d ago

well I can't reply ... but one reason for the hype over the next season is due to The Governor

StarWarsFan2189d ago

It better feature more killing. I thought the first half of Season 2 was dead slow.

aDDicteD2187d ago

cant wait for season 3, more killing..that makes it sO much better!