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LRA: Rock Of Ages - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Musicals for me always come down to two things, the music and its delivery method. Uneven acting and sub par stories are generally forgiven just so long as the music is good and it is done in an entertaining fashion. Not exactly a strict method for critiquing a film I know, but musicals almost live on an almost completely different plane of existence than your average movie, they just don't play by the same rules. The motivation for them is to celebrate the music and how it makes us feel. This new film from director Adam Shankman based on the Off Broadway play is just that, a celebration of music from a specific era and a moment in time that for some defined their way of life. Rock of Ages isn't complicated, it's not meant to set the world on fire or win awards, it's only interested in having nothing but a good time and hoping that you do to.

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