The Dark Knight Rises Plot And Spoilers Revealed?

Nuke the Fridge says

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters on July 20 so now is the time to expect huge plot spoilers to begin appearing everywhere. So far Nolan and company have been able to keep the story a well kept secret until maybe now. We have received an email from a reader that if the information is true reveals a massive amount of spoilers and plot details for The Dark Knight Rises. We have no way of telling if the following is real or not, but if it is the movie will be spoiled for you BIG TIME – Read at your own risk.

Once again BIG The Dark Knight Rises spoilers ahead.


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Crazay2166d ago

I'm not reading it but it;s tempting.

Crazay2166d ago

Alright so a friend of mine who actually doesn't care about reading spoilers says that this article appears to be more than plausible. He didn;t go into any specifics with but suggests that Nolan and Company are going to be pissed.

DarkBlood2165d ago

i always wonder how this stuff even gets leaked out in the first place