'Sesame Street' Movie in the Works from Fox


The studio has picked up the movie rights to the iconic children’s television show with longtime show writer Joey Mazzarino on board to pen the script.

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StarWarsFan2165d ago

Wild guess: it won't be R-rated.

JL2165d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion that Fox is doing this after seeing how successful The Muppets was last year.

Bad news for you, Fox: it's not going to happen. Sesame Street doesn't/won't have the same appeal as The Muppets at all.

Soldierone2165d ago

I can't reply to anything....but I have to agree with JL in a sense. I think Seaseme Streets fans are not old enough to be like "hey ill take my kids to enjoy something I loved!"

I really liked Seaseme Street a lot more than The Muppets, but I have no reason to see this.