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The 7th TV Spot and 13th Clip From The Amazing Spider-Man

Coming Soon:
Sony Pictures has released a 7th domestic TV spot and a 13th clip (we don't have a hi-res version yet) for director Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man and you can watch them below.

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darklordzor1706d ago

Soooo...has the whole movie been released online yet? I mean, we've gotten clip after clip so it seems like we've got quite a bit to work with here.

alycakes1706d ago

yeah...kinda looks like that but I'll bet we'll still be surprised and blown away by the movie itself.

darklordzor1706d ago

Oh I'm sure there are plenty of surprises left, but I felt like we've bit hit with a bit too much lately.

alycakes1706d ago

Yes...they do seem to overdo with all those big blockbusters that we're all wanting to see...especially the superhero ones...then as soon as all the hype is over...nothing!

aDDicteD1706d ago

tv spot was nice,, i kinda agree there's a lot of spidey clip being released