Top 5 Actors Who Would Play an Awesome Riddler in Batman

Geek Preview writes:
"We’ve all heard about the rumors of Leonardo DiCaprio as Riddler but, we could only sort-of see him as the infamous Riddler. In my personal opinion, Jim Carrey did great — because he is pretty batshit insane himself. But then I got to thinking: if not Leonardo DiCaprio, then who?"

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SHA2195d ago

Russell Brand? Really?!!
Neil Patrick Harris? Yes, he could kill as a more insane Riddler (which is how the next version of this character needs to be portrayed to be the polar opposite of Carrey's incarnation.)
Johnny Depp? No thanks.
Leo? Yes. He needs a role where he can "let loose" and be insane.
Tom Green? Oh geez. Can't approve this post now because of this choice alone.

Just our take.

JL2194d ago

Never seen Leo "let loose" and be insane? I'd suggest watching The Beach. Not insane the same way that a Riddler character would be, but he definitely lets loose and is crazy.

geekpreview2194d ago

Hey SHA. Sorry you don't like our choices; perhaps we aren't clear enough! We appreciate the feedback on the list.

We felt that these actors are great character actors that could definitely pull off the Riddler. The only choice that wasn't on the list that deserves to be on it upon further consideration is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We still feel strongly that these actors could each pull off a unique, insane Riddler in the Batman world (not just Nolan's universe.) After all, Jim Carrey did it, right? ;)

Yi-Long2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

1: Michael C. Hall (Dexter): He can combine the rational with the 'psycho', which is so relevant in the Riddlers obessions with outsmarting his opponents.

2: Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock): detached from human emotion, cold, and deadly smart.

3: Casey Affleck: A little less calculating, a bit more emotional, really seeing it as a sick perverted game, not caring about any of the victims but only caring about leaving everyone clueless.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32193d ago

Doesn't seem like the author put much thought into his article. Anyways, my top 5 would go something like...

Paul Bettany
Michael Stuhlbarg (A Serious Man)
Sharlto Copley
David Tennant (Dr. Who)
Heath Ledger...oh wait a minute

JL2193d ago

I love the idea of Paul Bettany doing it. I think he'd make a really good one.

Michael Stuhlbarg: not sure I'd pick him for that. But I did watch MIB3 the other day and his role there definitely has me interested in seeing more from him.

As for Tennant, never got into Dr Who, so my exposure to Tennant really is just his appearance in the Fright Night remake. From that, he looks like he could pull it off, but I don't have enough to go on.

I do really like the above mentioned idea of Benedict Cumberbatch doing it as well.

A few other choices that I think would be good:
Crispin Glover
Johnny Depp
Sam Rockwell
Ben Foster
Bill Moseley

or possibly even John Turturro or Joel David Moore

alycakes2193d ago

David Tennant....I would have never thought of him but he'd be perfect for the part. Good thinking Defectiv3

Legion2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Nobody could have imagined before hand that Heath Ledger would epitomize the role of the Joker. So seeing Leo as the Riddler would be a definite possibility.

The Riddler must be thin first off... and the actor must be able to pull off crazy without coming across as comedic. This isn't the old Batman movies with the likes of Arnold being Mr. Freeze and Jim Carrey's over the top rendition of the Riddler.

I am thinking Frank Gorshin's role as Riddler was classic in the TV series. He had humor but was evil and menacing.

My vote goes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. An actor that has been under appreciated in everything he has done. He can pull off a Heath Ledger moment if anyone could. The only issue is that he is already playing the role of John Blake in the latest film. Could that possibly be twisted to allow him to take on the Riddler persona?

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