The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer Sneak Peek Glimpses The Danger Ahead


Tomorrow is Twilight vampire Edward Cullen's 111th birthday, and Summit is honoring the occasion by unveiling a brand new teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. In anticipation of this, they've offered us an appetizer in the form of a ten-second sneak peek. Check it out ahead for a glimpse of the teaser trailer we'll get to see tomorrow.

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darklordzor2166d ago

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting tired of the teasers to trailers? I mean really, do we need 10 seconds to prepare us for the 60-90 seconds we're going to be getting later? Seems very ridiculous.

Crazay2166d ago

It gets the girls all excited and build up their anticipation. The only reason I saw this was because my Sister in law posted it to her facebook...No joke.

darklordzor2166d ago

Well, I'm not just talking about Twilight...most movies these days seem to be doing the whole teaser to the trailer thing.

Crazay2165d ago

Don't look now DLZ but I just posted one for Dredd =P

darklordzor2165d ago

Damn! Yeah, I know it's becoming commonplace anymore but it all just seems so ridiculous to me that studios are doing it.

D3mons0ul2165d ago

lol a trailer of a trailer

sounds like it should be part of a Mr. Show skit.

Soldierone2165d ago

She has two guys fighting over her. The jock that she dreams of, and the sweet guy she can take advantage of. oh who will she choose?!??! Twatlight 3 : Part 5 : Breaking Wind