TV Teaser: 'Breaking Bad'

We’ve heard and read that Breaking Bad‘s Season 5 picks up right where Season 4 left off. That appears to be true. AMC’s hit drama returns July 15th:

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alycakes2165d ago

I don't even watch this show and think this teaser is pretty cool.

gaffyh2164d ago

You need to watch it, I marathoned all 4 seasons in a couple of months. Really really good show, seriously.

SnakeCQC2164d ago

i marathoned all the seasons in like 3 weeks lol i just found so different and addictive

CLOUD19832163d ago

I watch all 54 episodes in 4 days watching from 8 to 12 hours a day and when I finish them all I was sad I didn't have more to keep on watching.. :P that's how addictive Breaking Bad was for me.

SHA2165d ago

Best show on TV right now. Gus was such a badass (especially when he went back to Mexico and got his revenge toward the end of last season) but Mr. White proved he is indeed the biggest badass in this show at the end of last season. Can't wait!!!!!

HebrewHammer2164d ago

Game of Thrones says F*** You

OSIRUSSS2163d ago

"Game" and "Bad" are the best shows on tv and its not close.

gaffyh2164d ago

It should be "long live the king" really. When they say "The King is Dead", it is followed by "Long Live the king" usually.

zeddy2164d ago

this is the last season, shit is seriously going to hit the fan. hank and walt jr will surely find out who walter is, cant wait to see the reaction.

EliteAssass1n2164d ago

sure it's the last season but it'll be split in half. 8 episodes this summer, then the rest next summer. The wait in between is going to be very painful.

gaffyh2164d ago

Hopefully, rather than waiting for next summer, they'll do the second half in September or during the mid-season break.

christian hour2163d ago

I remember when I first heard this news I died a little inside, it still hasnt gotten any easier, I'd like the whole season in one go with yr typical 2-4 week season break, but then i'd be sad for a whole other reason, no more breakign bad, so i guess its good in a way that we get an extra year of breaking bad kinda... but at the same time waiting another year... AAAAH! AAAAH! WHA?! AAAH! NO! HUH!? HA!? AAAAAAAAAAH!

NovusTerminus2164d ago

Can't wait to see this! One of the best shows on TV, and in order.

Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead

OSIRUSSS2163d ago

I would put Mad Men ahead of Walking Dead.

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