LRA: Snow White & The Huntsman - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Between Tim Burton's failed attempt with Alice in Wonderland, last years horrible re-imagining of Red Riding Hood, the other Snow White tale from earlier this year Mirror, Mirror (which I did not see) and this most recent film which is the subject of this review, I can safely say now that I am not a fan of the revisionist fairy tale genre. It sounds like a solid concept, just take a revered fairy tale and just put a new spin on it, but somehow Hollywood just can't seem to get it right. This latest attempt, Snow White & The Huntsman, is probably one of the least offensive of that group but it still fails at integrating an interesting narrative into mix. But a lackluster story isn't enough to condemn any film, that's why director Rupert Sanders graciously provided some uneven pacing issues, a lack of focus and probably one of the worst casting choices of the year to make sure we are left with little doubt that this gritty fairy tale reworking is as cold and foreboding as the world it takes place in.

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I knew this was going to suck. Some guy who directed Halo's ad can't just make a high-budget movie. Just look at Michael Bay!