15 Batman Villains That Deserve Their Movie Due

Screen Rant:
While recycling is great for the environment, in movies it can get a bit stale. As the The Dark Knight Rises is set to swoop into theaters next month, we see some select Bat-baddies (Catwoman and Bane) yet again getting another bite at that big-screen apple.

With the list of Batman’s rogues gallery being longer than Catwoman’s whip, it may be time for some fresh (albeit slightly rotten) meat to get their shots at the silver screen. I personally would love to see Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze get another, less-hokey, depiction in a movie – but if I were going to sit here and drag on about the old movies, we would be here all day...

So if you’re tired of seeing the same old Batman movie bag guys, then join us as we take a look at 15 Batman villains on our movie wish-list.

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alycakes2205d ago

I wouldn't have minded seeing some of these on the big screen against the Dark Knight.

JL2203d ago

I would have LOVED to see Nolan do a take on Riddler. With a serious, dark tone such as Nolan has done, Riddler could have been amazing.

Since it's mentioned, I do think Jim Carrey gets a bad wrap for his portrayal. As this article mentions, the portrayal was indeed campy which didn't make it as good as it had potential to be (if for instance a more serious and dark one was done by someone like Nolan). But, that wasn't Carrey's fault. That was a directional choice. And for what was asked of him, Carrey actually did pretty damn well, I thought.

Talia...I assume we'll be seeing.

Hugo would be a good choice for a Batman movie. Wouldn't mind that at all.

I also think Calendar Man could have been an interesting sub-villain for Nolan's movies. But only in Nolan's movies maybe. The character itself is nothing special so it would need to play out in a realistic universe where he can stand out. If you try to introduce him into some fantastical world (where things like Killer Croc, Clayface or Poison Ivy, etc live) then he would just come off as too plain and ordinary.

I'd really like to see a Harley Quinn character in a movie. I just like her for some reason. With her being one of only few worthwhile female characters in the universe, it would be nice to see her as opposed to something like....Catwoman, more Catwoman, more Catwoman, oh..and more Catwoman.

Hush was one I was semi-hoping for in Nolan's final Batman movie as well. Him or Deadshot would have been a nice addition.

aDDicteD2203d ago

actually after seeing the dark knight i thought (and i assume many would also thought) that the riddler would be a very good choice for part 3 and knowing that Nolan can surely deliver us a very good riddler but soon it was actually bane which is a two thumbs-up cause we'll get to see the real bane like in the comics.

another thing is that most of the batman's villains like calendar man, black mask, hush, riddler, etc. will only reach it's highest potential on Nolan's tone of directing and knowing that the dark knight rises would be his last then i guess we wont fully appreciate those characters specially the next batman might be for the justice league theme and that would only range on villains such as mr. freeze, poison ivy, clay face, man bat, etc.

Soldierone2202d ago

It's just a question to help discussion. In terms of Calender Man, what about Arkham City?

They did a really good job of blending him into that world, and its really fantasy based. I think all they really need to do is make these people seem absolutely insane and they do fine.

JL2202d ago

Calendar Man wasn't really a part of that world. He never had any significance in that game really. He was more an easter egg than anything else.

To be honest, when compared to the more prominent and fantastical characters, Calendar Man is a third-rate villain. He's cool in theory, but he hasn't nothing that really makes him stand out as a main player in the Batman universe. He's more the type that would be suited as a character in some serial killer crime drama. Put him in Batman's universe and he loses prominence. Thus, even in a rendition as realistic as Nolan's Batman, he could still only make it up to the level of second-tier villain. But it would be an interesting one to see in that second-tier position.

KingSchultz2203d ago

I would have really enjoyed seeing Harley Quinn in on of Nolan's movies. Alison Brie would have been perfect for that role.

alycakes2203d ago

I think JL is right though...some would have only worked in Nolan's Batman movies because of his mind direction and what he projects and directs to his characters. Harley Quinn a big yes!

tarbis2203d ago

Hugo + Riddler in one movie will give Bats a real BIG mind F.

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