Review: Men In Black 3 (PopBucket)

PopBucket writes: Whether you go to see Men in Black 3 in 3D or 2D is irrelevant, although the 3D was good, the film was nothing amazing or unexpectedly fabulous.

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2207d ago
hilyou2207d ago

It seems like the movie has been getting mixed reviews. Some sites are giving it a 7 or 8, but other like this are giving it 3 or 5. But I knew that the movie was going to be stupid since the first trailer came out. I haven't watched it, but I've watched the previous ones.

KingSchultz2207d ago

I saw the movie with my Grandmother (who fell asleep) and my little sister. My sister really enjoyed it while I really didn't like it at all. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy MIB but i felt like the story for this one was childish and sort of dumb.

aDDicteD2202d ago

men in black 3 is better than the previous 2 installments, but it does not really stand toe to toe with real good movies that came out or coming out this year, josh brolin might prove to be a good addition, mentioning that tommy lee jones is getting older and his performance as well, will smith is like the will smith before. the movie is good but not that good.