‘Transformers’ Taking New Shape With Universal Ride and Fourth Film

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Film critics who put down Michael Bay’s “Transformers” movies by calling them theme-park rides in disguise won’t change their mind after hopping on Transformers: The Ride — 3D at Universal Studios, but they might have a dramatically improved opinion of theme-park rides.

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hilyou2149d ago

I wish I could be at Universal! Transformers are not good movies, but they are fun. As soon as they show Shia Labeouf, it's not fun. I think TF4 should be a prequel that is set on Cybertron with no humans at all. Only robots.

Crazay2149d ago

You kidding? I really like the movies. I don't care what anyone says. I've been there opening day and bought the blurays on release day for every movie.

hilyou2149d ago

They are fun summer movies. If you just want to have entertainment, they are really good. But quality-wise they're not that good.
What would the story of TF4 be? Every Decepticon got killed in TF3. The only viable choice they have are the Dinobots or Unicorn.
I think a prequel set on Cybertron would be the best choice. Don't you think?

gaffyh2148d ago

To make it good, they need to focus more on the transformers and less on the human characters. Also, they should have no pointlessly tacked on romance as part of the story line (with shit actresses), which has been the case for all three previous Transformers movies.

Crazay2148d ago

Having another movie take place on Cybertron is yes, very cool but then it becomes just another animated movie. I would however, love to see Unicron in the next one. I hold the original Transformers movie (the cartoon) so very near and dear to my heart as a kid growing up in the 80s. Unicron all the way.

belal2148d ago

i liked transformers 1, transformers 2 was ok, to much action and the scenes where so fast paced that you couldn't see who was beating who in some scenes lol. The third one was much better than number 2 and almost on par with number one, i missed those two twin robots.