New Hobbit Production Diary Is Out


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. A new production diary has surfaced! It's about time! But I'm one to talk... I don't know when I'll have my next set report up, but I got a few more to go before I'm done, that's for sure.

And I may or may not be staying in the Northern Hemisphere in the immediate future, but I can say no more on that.

What I can say is that the new production diary gives you a feel for Stone Street Studios and the fantastic cast and crew of the production.

They also reveal that a new Legolas has been cast. I guess Orlando Bloom just didn't look right in the make up this far removed from Rings. Bummer, but I gotta say I'm kind of excited to see this new person in the role... but I'll let you see it for yourself.

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alycakes2209d ago

How can you possibly recast someone like Legolas? I just can't see it.

Crazay2209d ago

Pretty easily - just find a pretty boy who looks good with long flowing blonde/white hair, strap some pointed ears on his skull and put a bow n arrow into his hand.

alycakes2209d ago can do that but you can't replace 'charisma' that a person projects on a screen.

A couple of years from now when they make (just and example)"Dark Knight Reborn" will it be as easy for you to see him not be Christian Bale? I guess for some people it's that easy...I just get too attached to my characters.

Crazay2209d ago

I dunno - I get what you mean, and maybe it's because I just didn't like Lord of the RIngs, maybe it's because I don't like Orlando Bloom - I just don't think he's irreplaceable.

It's not that hard for me to get over re-castings though. Look at Superman. My absolute most favorite superhero ever. I grew up watching Christopher Reeves and was all too happy to see Brandon Routh - Granted the fact that he was so similar in features to Reeves that may have made the transition easier - and I wouldhave loved for him to get another kick at the can but I'm more than accepting of Henry Cavill. The guy is a monster and something tells me he just might be the best Superman yet.

Also, pointing to your example of Batman - I've already seen Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer and now Christian Bale done the cowl. I somehow don't see that as an issue for me. =)

tunaks12209d ago

I take it no one watched the entire video?

Crazay2209d ago

I'm at work. can't watch the video though I plan to watch it tonight.

tunaks12209d ago

watch the entire thing, you arr in for a surprise (a funny one at that!)

Lord_Sloth2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

I'm not sitting through a 14 minutes video to see a character I never cared for, in a film I have no interest in seeing to begin with. Post a pic or something.

May have been interesting for my mom and sister but I'll let them figure it out. Not hunting through the video.

hazelamy2209d ago

personally i think the new legolas was awesome. ^_^

hilyou2209d ago

I have a question. IS Legolas seriously recast or was the end just a joke. Because the title makes it seem so and I'm kind of confused.

cloud4952208d ago

It's suppose to be a joke lol.

hilyou2208d ago

Thank god. Man, if he got recast then I would have been pissed at New Line or whoever fired Bloom. Even through I kind of hate the actor, I love continuity and movies not replacing the original actors.

DarkBlood2209d ago

lol man i was seriously trolled with the legolas bit