'A Good Day To Die Hard' Pulls A Michael Bay, Adds A Victoria's Secret Model

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In the grand spirit of unnecessary resurrections of past-their-prime franchises, a fifth “Die Hard” film is on the way as filming on “A Good Day to Die Hard” has been rolling for a little while now. “Spartacus” actor Jai Courtney won the coveted role of John McClane’s (Bruce Willis) son, and casting has continued to add Cole Hauser, "The Lives Of Others" star Sebastian Koch and Russian model/actress Yulia Snigir as villains.

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alycakes2184d ago

And here we go again....I guess we don't have enough beautiful young actresses to choose from and so everybody has decided that they have to find models and turn them into actresses.

DarkBlood2184d ago

thats true but hey a golden opportunity for what would of been impossible to get a gig in the movie business.

id have a better chance getting to be an actor from a situation similiar to this then just outright saying i want to act know what i mean?

Soldierone2183d ago

Ugh.....lets hope she can actually act.....

Honestly so many good looking actresses still trying to break through, and they go and choose a model that probably is more stale at acting than a kid in high school drama class? Thats more of a shot at michal bay than this, since I haven't seen this girl act yet.

Sherrilld2182d ago

Check out this exclusive featurette on the enemies in the Hasbro game-to-film Battleship. (Battleship, Cinema)

HenderShot2182d ago

Let's see how this goes...