What We Really Thought Of Battle Pony, Sorry War Horse - Chaos Hour

"Overall ‘Battle Pony’ (as I refuse to cast this film in the same light as the play ‘War Horse’ and believe such a comedic title to be far more fitting to this joke of a film) is a poor example of the animal story. It’s twee, cliche and overly pathetic treatment of this story made me actually believe ET was going to come and beam Joey up at the end of the film as his work was done. In fact, if this had happened, I probably would have an iota of respect left for Spielberg. "

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HenderShot2208d ago

Have to agree with this. I expected way more and cringed at the seemingly forced attempts made to make people cry.

OneAboveAll2208d ago

This movie sucked ass. I was forced to watch it for my girlfriends birthday. Good lord. I hate movies like this, Titanic. Slow and boring. This could have been a great World War 1 movie but nope, it had to be about a damn horse.

What a snooze fest. zzzzzZZzzzZzzzzzz