New Release Dates for ‘X-Men: First Class 2′, ‘Thor 2′, ‘Rise of the Apes 2′ & More

Screen Rant:
Within the span of a single day, three highly-anticipated sequels to hit 2011 films - X-Men: First Class, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Thor – have all secured new official release dates.

Meanwhile, director Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse has been pushed back a year. (Presumably, because the zombie apocalypse looks to beat it to the punch.) Robopocalypse‘s previous release date will instead be occupied by Disney’s Lone Ranger and Fox’s 3D theatrical re-release of Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day.

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alycakes2212d ago

I don't care as long as they eventually come out and they're as good as the first ones or better.

DarkBlood2211d ago

well i hope they all come out next year but thats unlikely lol

im excited in this order

first class 2
thor 2
rises of the apes 2

Soldierone2210d ago

Thats what I'm interested in. It was really easy for Marvel to bring their characters "down to earth" for origin stories, but the further they go the harder it is to follow the comics and keep doing that. So its a matter of alienating the comic book fans or not, for the sake of box office money.

I mean this is supposedly what DC has issues with. They have out-there superheroes that are really hard to bring down to earth

DarkBlood2209d ago

when you say "out there superheros" do you mean its hard to add in the crazy stuff with special effects n all that?

and by down to earth do you mean by them trying to humanize it or something?

all this sounds like they are trying to spend less or something

alycakes2209d ago

Exactly....all we want is entertainment that isn't to totally ridiculous...and like you said 'down to earth'. I still have hope for them though...maybe some day they will come thru with something.

mushroomwig2210d ago

I'm excited for rise of the apes 2, I'm starting to get sick of superhero movies now, slightly over-saturating the market.

Dday1412210d ago

I didn't see Rise of the Apes. Is it about monkeys getting erections?

LOL_WUT2210d ago

Rise of the apes 2 the rest i don't care for.

hilyou2205d ago

Apes and First Class were in my top 5 movies of 2011 list. I hope both of them are better than the first films. Thor 2, I don't know really. I didn't like the first one. So I'll probably catch it on Blu-ray.

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