Big Problems Behind ‘G.I. Joe 2′s Big Delay

There is more to G.I. Joe: Retaliation's huge delay other than to convert it to 3D.

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Soldierone2153d ago

That finalizes that....wish this franchise was in someone elses hands.

1 Channing Tatum isn't a box office hit. 21 Jump Street came out with nothing around it, and still didn't do amazing. and The Vow is a chick flick.....did they screen GI Joe to a bunch of women and come to the conclusion he had to have his shirt off more? This isn't twilight.

2 They basically made a crappy movie full of action, decided "you know what lets actually make it a good movie with a story" good job, why wasn't this the plan from the get go? Hollywood should wake up and learn about their audiences.....

Baka-akaB2153d ago

Actually he is a box office hit now . 21 jump street came out as a critic and commercial success that most didnt expect for such an unfaithful adaptation of a serie most dont even remember .

The movie sold 5 times its budget , 188 millions .

The vow did every bit as much in box office .

i'm not at all a fan of Tatum , but this year was definitively a break through for him

Soldierone2153d ago

But they are making him out to be like The Rock. They didn't market him in 21 Jumpstreet, they marketed the other people in it. The Vow, he had Rachel McAdams and like I said it was a chick flick.

I'm not saying he isn't a nobody, but he isn't a massive action star just yet. At least not someone I would ruin millions of dollars in advertising for, just so I could add him in a few more scenes.

(I didn't know 21 jumpstreet did that well actually, It kinda just blew by with no interest from me so thats why)

I hope for the best for this film, but at the same time they are mostly doing this for 3d? Come on now.....Hollywood complains about pirates all the time, and this is showing why pirates don't want to pay for their crap.

hilyou2147d ago

That's total BS. I wished they would just kill Tatum's character off. I hope they only have like 10 minutes of Tatum in this.

aDDicteD2146d ago

im not a channing tatum fan but i dont think killing his character is such a good move and just simply handing the movie to rock and bruce willis...the first GI JOE wasnt that bad, it was mediocre at best. if they want continuity of the story and make the sequel far stronger than the first, they should concentrate on the story not on the characters. and the delay might be a blessing since there are a lot of competition this 2012 summer. giving it another date might stretch its profit or make the movie more visible.